Student Projects

Banana Passion

2-players coopetition game made in 5 days

Coopetition means that the game lets the players choose if they want to play mostly in cooperation (making the best mutual high score) or mostly in competition (comparing their personal scores). Level design has cooperation parts, competition parts and mixed parts. It’s also synchronized with the music.

Click here to play.

Crazy Lawnmower

Tablet game developed in 2 weeks

The client’s request was that the game should give immediate fun. For that, we used:

  • simple controls (touch the screen to guide the lawn mower)
  • an autotelic goal with fun feedback (everything can be destroyed and emits related particles)
  • and a creative aspect (mowing grass creates patterns, so you can draw and recognize your path)
Click here to play.

Use the mouse to simulate the touch screen and space bar to double tap (dash).



player puzzle game made in 5 days with several imposed game mechanics

In  each level, two players use their different abilities to push boxes to create paths and reach the exit door. Teamwork is key because a move that seems right for you can block your partner’s way.

Click here to play.