Playable Title Screen in Mario Maker 2

The last edited level is playable directly from the main menu, removing any obstacle for the player to resume its work.

When launching the game, the main menu directly shows the last level that was open in the level editor. You can play it normally, within the main menu, the only difference being the title screen superimposed on top of the screen.

From there, pressing both triggers displays two buttons: Play and Edit. You can select Edit to start editing this level in the editor, and resume your work in just one menu step.

You’re put into the play of the game right from the main menu, pushing you to see and play your level. You immediately remember what you where doing and get new ideas to continue working on it. Some games need a careful introduction to bring players in the right mood for the best game experience. For others, it’s best to put players right back in the game and not letting them getting lost in what to do next.